Five years after his death HRF Keating sprang a surprise.

“A Kind of Light”

A major novel, written in 1987 but never submitted for publication.

A Kind Of Light by H.R.F. Keating

A Kind of Light” is available as an original audio book to download from

Endeavour Ink published the print version and the eBook version of A Kind of Light on June 1st – read more>

HRF Keating left this unexplained legacy in his study cupboard. “A Kind of Light”, a novel written in homage to Joseph Conrad who he greatly admired, is set, like that novelist’s ‘Heart of Darkness’ from which the title comes, in the African Jungle with two stories being told simultaneously. The first, told partly through her diaries and partly by first person narration, belongs to Thomasina le Mesurier, intrepid Victorian gentlewoman. The second, a hundred years later in the 1980s, follows the lives of two young film-makers and relates not only their troubles in following in Thomasina’s footsteps hoping to retrieve her diaries but also their own private dilemmas. From September 6th Audible releases this title as a rare original audiobook narrated by Sheila Mitchell with Michael Holroyd reading his own introduction and Simon Keating his editorial foreword

HRF (Harry) Keating’s dialogue and strong characterisations have always made his books ideal for reading aloud and this book with its African Jungle setting is no exception. The majority of his books have been recorded after they have been first published in print. “A Kind of Light” is a rarity in reversing the order – audio first before any other print form. Harry would certainly have approved because he was a great advocate of the spoken word.

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