HRF Keating Short Stories

Compiled by his wife Sheila who writes:

“Intermittently I have received requests for information about Harry’s short stories and it is my intention to compile a comprehensive list which, hopefully, will, when it is complete, provide the answers to such questions as date and place of publication. Initially the list will confine itself to titles and categories, publishers and first date of publication. In some cases I have yet to locate a story although the title appears in a slightly haphazard hand-written list compiled by Harry during his life-time but I have listed it without a publisher or date. If anyone can supply the missing data I would be grateful. Perhaps when I have managed to re-read all of them – certainly more than a hundred but perhaps not quite two hundred – I will be able to fill in a few of the gaps and maybe produce other more subtle categories but I will begin with the ones about his best known character Inspector Ghote of the Bombay CID.”

Inspector Ghote, His Life and Crimes published by Hutchinson in the UK in 1989 to celebrate 25 years of the character’s existence.
It consists of an introductory biography and 14 short stories.

The Test
The Miracle Baby
The Not So Fly Fisherman
The River Man
Inspector Ghote and the Noted British Author
Murder must Not At All Advertise, Isn’t It?
The Wicked Lady
The Cruel Inspector Ghote
The All-Bad Hat
Hello, Hello, Inspector Ghote
Nil By Mouth
A Present for Santa Sahib
The Purloined Parvati and Other Artefacts
Light Coming

Other Ghote Short Stories to be found in various magazines and anthologies.

Inspector Ghote and the Test Match Ellery Queen’s mystery magazine (EQQM) 1969
Inspector Ghote and the Miracle Baby EQQM 1972
Inspector Ghote and the Hooked Fisherman EQQM 1973
Inspector Ghote and the loose End EQQM 1977
Inspector Ghote and the Film Star EQQM 1977
The Evidence I Shall Give Winter’s Crimes 21 and EQQM 1989
Softly,Softly, Catchee Monkey New Crimes Anthology 1990
The Twist in the Rope
The Crime of Arkady Nikolaivich EQQM 1992
Dead Men Do Tell Tales The Strand Magazine 1999
Just Only One little Mystery-Pistery (One Small Crime) EQQM 1992
The Honeyed Axe Orion 1999
Not at all a Maha Murder EQQM 1992
The Monkey and the Typewriter EQQM 2000
Majunda Uncle Crippen and Landru 2003
The Hound of the Hanging Gardens Little Brown 2003

Stand Alone stories also set in India

Gup Verdict of 13 Faber 1979
Shaky Winter’s crimes 23 1991
The Man Who Killed for Pleasure Macmillan 1992
The Man Who Spoke/The Visitor EQQM 1997
No Alibi Ruypun Press (Maxim Jacobovsy)

Mrs Craggs – Crimes Cleaned Up Published by Buchan and Enright 1985

Mrs Craggs and the Lords Spiritual and Temporal
Mrs Craggs Sings a Different Tune
The Five Senses of Mrs Craggs – Seeing – Smelling – Hearing – Touching – Tasting
Mrs Craggs and the Living Dead
Mrs Craggs and a Certain Lady’s Town House
Mrs Craggs and the Late Prince Albert
Mrs Craggs Hears the Nightingale
A Dangerous Thing, Mrs Craggs
Mrs Craggs and the Pale Ella
Mrs Craggs Gives a Dose of Physic
Mrs Craggs and the Round Blue Immortals

Mrs Craggs other Stories

Mrs Craggs Sixth Sense EQQM 1977
The Great Locked Bathroom Mystery BBC Radio 1979
A Deckchair Murder The Times Newspaper 1980

In Kensington Gardens Once A collection of stories all set in Kensington Gardens.
Published by Flambard Press in the UK and by Crippen and Landru in the USA in 1997.

Victorian Values
Mrs Craggs and the Late Prince Albert
Incident at Millionaire’s Row
Blood and Bone
Old Pete
Towards What Fate
Mr Idd
Physical Energy

Short Stories with Miss Unwin – the central character from the Victorian Governess series of books – as the protagonist

Miss Unwin Wins Again EQQM 1981
Miss Unwin goes a’Hunting Illustrated London News 1981
A Common Error EQQM 1987
The Fatal Step Headline 1999
Caesar I am here The Strand Magazine
Miss Unwin’s Mistake Headline 2000
Miss Unwin Takes the train The Strand Magazine
A Story for Christmas The Strand Magazine 2001
Miss Unwin Plays by the Rules
Miss Unwin Speaks in Riddles Mysterious Press
A Lurking Fear Crime Writer’s Association Historical Anthology
Murder at Wisteria Lodge The Strand Magazine 2001

Puffin Post Stories for Children

To Be a Heroine Puffin Post 1970
The Dead Letter Box Puffin Post 1971
Treasure Hunt Puffin Post 1973
Brian, the Boy Detective

Other Short Stories Involving Children

The Justice Boy EQQM 1967
Who Killed Cock Robin?
The Old Shell Collector
Memorial to Speke EQQM 1972
Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire EQQM 1976
Dead Letter Drop EQQM 1982
A Hell of a Story EQQM 1982
A Crime Child EQQM 1983
Incident at Millionaire’s Row 2nd Culprit 1993
The Honeyed Axe Orion
7 Stories about a small pewter elephant Privately Owned

Miscellaneous Short Stories

The Old Haddock EQQM 1971
The Butler Did It BBC Radio 1972
Love Story BBC Radio 1972
Likely Story BBC Radio 1972
Horror Story BBC Radio 1972
Crime Story BBC Radio 1972
The Other 1973
Mr Saul 13th Ghost Book 1977
The Spirit of Service Midnight Ghost Book 1978
Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson Learn Lessons
(subsequently A Trifling Affair)???
And We in Dreams Winter’s Crimes 1983
Two Grave Robbers Woman’s Own 1983
Fonsy Noonan’s Story EQQM anthology 1984
The Hand EQQM anthology 1984
A Sad Case of Simony EQQM 1984
Ghost Story BBC Radio 1983
The Just’s Umbrella 1987
The Evidence I Shall Give EQQM 1989
A Sneaking Suspicion EQQM 1985
Howard (USA) Anthology 1989
The Legs That Walked Locked Room Anthology
The Books and the Bhoot
A Sort of Miss Marple (You Haven’t a Clue) Daily Telegraph 1992
Fog of doubt EQQM 1993
The Man Who Killed for Pleasure Detection Club Anthology
Jack Fell Down A Classic English Crime
The Fatal Step Maxim Jacobovsky Anthology 1989
Deadly Dinner Company producing cookery cards 1990
The Case of the Seven Santas EQQM 1990
That’s Frank Constable New Crimes 1992
A Carpet of Snow Midwinter Mysteries 1993
Murder Most British EQQM 1994
An Upright Woman 1994
The Bunting Affair Anthology 1995
The Fateful Encounter The Strand Magazine 2004
Charades Anyone? 1995
Towards What Fate? Midwinter Murders 1994
Scrabble, Bubble, Dabble (Win Lose or Die) EQQM 1996
A Cold Coming Five Leaves (Nottingham) 1996
An Almost Perfect Alibi CWA (Crime Writer’s Association)Anthology 1996
The Man Who Was There The Statesman (Calcutta 1997)
In a Hot Tub Shots 1998
Do Ducks Know It’s Saturday? Alfred Hitchcock Magazine
Remember, Remember 2000
Plan B 2000
Do You Believe in Ghosts? The Strand Magazine 2001
A Story for Christmas The Strand Magazine 2002
The Man Who Killed two Birds EQQM 2003
Commorientes The Strand Magazine 2003
Brave New Murder Mammoth New Anthology 2003
A Candle For the Detection Club 2005
Miss Watson’s Way The Strand Magazine 2006