A message from a fan in India

By 23rd March 2017 July 16th, 2020 News Archive

We were delighted to receive this message from Nagaraj Prasadh recently:

Inspector Ghote

“As a boy growing up in New Delhi, India I saw The Perfect Murder when it came out as a movie, until then I had not even heard of H R F Keating. Without a doubt the movie was well made and the impact it had on me was to trace more books by the author. Mind you, these were days long before Google and search meant going to libraries and locating the books. Managed to read several of the Inspector Ghote books. Every time I read a Ghote novel, I am distracted. Distracted by admiration for a writer so wonderful as H R F Keating, someone who writes of Bombay as if he was born there. Now I have a mission in life, introducing Ghote and Keating to all book lover friends who have not heard of them. I motivate and persuade them to read and they are not disappointed. I am an eternal Keating fan. Thank you very much.”

Thank you Nagaraj!