Whispers 6

By 19th March 2019 July 16th, 2020 Whispering Harry

Something called time, I seem to remember in a rather foggy way, was always important to me. Being on time for trains or meeting people, delivering a manuscript on time all, apparently, meant a great deal to me.

Now, transported to a universe that has no end and no beginning, I can only vaguely remember the word and it plays no part in the general scheme of things. So I have very little notion of whether I have spoken to you all in the near past or the distant past – does it matter? Every so often I do feel a sensation that I am drifting closer to what I seem to have experienced in another existence and, indeed, it is just such a sensation that has made me attempt to communicate with you now.

To some extent I am apprehensive because what I can feel in the air is change – something I do remember I used to avoid if at all possible. I can only hope that whatever is about to happen will in due course be communicated to me and that I’ll be happy at the outcome and able to leave you all to enjoy the fruits of this transmutation.