Guest Post by Sheila Mitchell in Janet Rudolf’s Mystery Fanfare blog

By 13th July 2020 July 16th, 2020 News Blog

Sheila Mitchell:
Reflections on Writing a Biography

I embarked on writing a biography of my husband HRF (Harry) Keating when the first Christmas came round after he had died. I had decided to stay at home on my own rather than join any of the rest of the family and needed to think positively. However, being an actor rather than a writer it took me a long time and more than one false start before I arrived at the point when I was ready to let anyone else read it. I was always sure that I wanted the book to be as much about his writing as about his day to day life but it wasn’t until I found an American article published in 1987 that I was certain it was the right thing to do….

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