Whispers From Heaven 3

By 8th August 2017 July 16th, 2020 Whispering Harry

Our lives – if that is the right word to describe the non-terrestrial existence of those around me – do, as you will have gathered from my previous communications, occasionally focus on matters that used to concern me deeply but although I have voiced my opinions twice already I do not think we can have found a way for me to receive any comments you may have made.

According to rumours the thoughts I have shared with you on two former occasions have in fact reached you and I would greatly appreciate it if a way could be found of transmitting to me your views on any of the points I have raised. Most recently I have gathered that the commodity which most interested me while I was on earth – the printed word – is not entirely defunct and that although you are increasingly required to lead you lives ‘online’, actual books are becoming more popular again. In fact, astonishingly, I have been led to believe that as well as an audio book and an eBook there is also a paper-back of a novel that I believe I wrote in the latish 20thcentury but chose to confine to my study cupboard?

Can it really be that my cherished magnum opus, A Kind of Light, has indeed seen the light of day? I do not know whether I am pleased that this has happened or not but obviously should any of you manage to find a way of communicating your opinion of what, at the time of writing, did, I believe, do what I many times advocated – tell an ongoing story with much food for thought underlying the narrative – I could then more easily judge whether the decision to publish was a wise one. Is anyone reading this prepared to write a few words and see whether they reach me?